Why can't I sign up for Dicerra?

Dicerra is designed for medical professionals, and we don't allow just anybody to sign up. We vet the e-mail addresses to ensure that it is part of one of our registered health care regions. Try signing up with your work e-mail address if you work within a health care region. You will receive an email verification once the domain has been approved by admin.
Dicerra aims to keep submissions anonymous to ensure that users can post incidents without fearing any backlash. We achieve this by using randomly generated usernames instead. There is no way for your name or personal information to be shared between users.
Submissions are vetted by editors to ensure they don't contain any sensitive information or inappropriate content. Editors also ensure confidentiality of the post and any media contained within it, as accidents sometimes happen, and users may inadvertently post personal information.
Your submission may have been rejected because it contained inappropriate content or sensitive information about a patient or client. The removal of this content may have rendered the remainder of the submission unusable. Editors aim to change as little of a submission as possible and sometimes so much information is removed that the submission no longer makes sense.
Your submission may have been edited to remove inappropriate content or sensitive information about a co-worker, patient or even yourself. Dicerra is built on trust; so that users may share freely without fear of stigma or punitive measures. Minor grammatical or spelling errors may also have been corrected so other users can fully understand and appreciate your post.
You can reach out to our staff using the information in the Contact Us section.
Dicerra is designed only for medical professionals to use. To accomplish this, we create a list of acceptable e-mail addresses associated with health care regions to ensure that non-medical individuals cannot access the application and compromise the professional impartiality of its users.
Both incidents and solutions are reviewed by staff to ensure your anonymity, and that of your co-workers, is not inadvertently compromised. They are approved by staff separately and once the process is complete, both will be visible. We aim to provide high quality information presented in a way that protects the users and patients alike.
For your security and the security of other users we only use healthcare domain email addresses for account access related issues. Other inquiries of a general nature may be made through your preferred email.
The information you provide is disaggregated and collated for analysis on regional and population-based trends. It is not displayed on public posts to ensure the anonymity of all parties concerned. The narrative of your post is where the important lessons can be appreciated by the wider user community.
Your post may have inadvertently contained personal information, or may just require some editing so its content can be fully appreciated by the community of users. Admin will provide feedback that can be found under “My Contributions” > “Rejected” > “Notes”